5 Must-Visit Islands When Traveling from Split

Split serves as a gateway to some of Croatia’s most enchanting islands as it is nestled on the Dalmatian coast. It is super convenient to travel from Split either by ferry or with the catamaran. We made a list of the top 5 islands that should be on your radar:

1. Hvar Island: The Glamorous Island

Hvar Island is known as the glamorous party island as it is favored by many known people. You can find elegance and charm on every corner. With its lavender fields, historic streets, and vibrant nightlife, Hvar is a blend of nature, culture, and sophistication. We recommend Pokojni Dol and Dubovica beach if you are up for a swim. Don’t miss a visit to Hvar Town, and if you are not too hot be sure to climb up to the fortress for the best view!

2. Brač Island: Zlatni Rat Beach

Brač Island is the closest to Split, and it has so many pretty places to visit. After arriving in Supetar, you could stay there, or you could visit Milna, Mirca, Sutivan, Splitska, Bol and more charming places. A place that stands out is the iconic Zlatni Rat Beach, on Bol, which is a unique triangular pebble beach that shifts with the tides. It’s a paradise for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Also, be sure to visit the Auro Beach Bar on Bol, where you could be sure to have a fun time! While on Brač explore the island’ villages, and indulge in local delicacies.

3. Vis Island: Secluded Bliss

Vis Island offers an escape into tranquility. It’s recently known to the public as Mamma Mia 2 has been filmed there, but it has actually been known as a magical place for locals to vacation throughout the years. Its crystal-clear waters, and unspoiled landscapes make it a haven for relaxation. The town Komiža is truly heaven on Earth. Explore the famous Blue Cave, Stiniva Beach, Srebrena, and many more. There are also some great restaurants on the island (we would recommend Pojoda)!

4. Korčula Island: The Birthplace of Marco Polo

Rich in history and culture, Korčula Island is often referred to as “Little Dubrovnik.” In our opinion, it is the most sophisticated island with so much beauty and history. Wander through its narrow streets, discover medieval architecture, and learn about the island’s most famous native, Marco Polo. Korčula’s natural beauty is equally captivating, with vineyards and olive groves dotting the landscape. From Korčula, you could visit other little islands such as Proizd (possibly the most beautiful place you would see in your life), Moro Stupe, Vrnik, and Badija! Korčula is the island that is most known for it’s gastronomy, as it even has a Michelin star restaurant on the island (LD palace) however, wherever you eat on the island will not leave you disappointed.

5. Šolta Island: Authentic Croatian Charm

For an authentic Croatian experience, head to Šolta Island. With its charming villages, olive orchards, and clear waters, Šolta offers a glimpse into local life. Sample traditional Dalmatian cuisine, visit family-owned wineries, and relish in the unhurried pace of island living.

As you depart from Split, each of these islands promises a unique experience, they are all unique in their own way, and whatever island you chose to visit is a good one. Whether you’re seeking luxurious getaways, unspoiled nature, or a step back in time, these islands offer a diverse range of experiences. Board a ferry or hop on a catamaran, and let the beauty of the Adriatic islands unfold before you.


5 Must-Visit Islands When Traveling from Split

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